Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Budding Flirt Put Forth Its Leaves!

And sooth to say, I little doubt
(Some azure day, the truth will out!)
That certain baits in certain eyes
Caught many an unsuspecting prize;
And somewhere underneath these eaves
A budding flirt put forth its leaves!

From Katie by Henry Timrod (1828 - 1867)

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bullrushes In The Mist

Thare the bullrushes growed, and the cattails so tall,
And the sunshine and shadder fell over it all;
And it mottled the worter with amber and gold
Tel the glad lilies rocked in the ripples that rolled;
And the snake-feeder's four gauzy wings fluttered by
Like the ghost of a daisy dropped out of the sky,
Or a wownded apple-blossom in the breeze's controle
As it cut acrost some orchard to'rds the old swimmin'-hole.

From The Old Swimmin' Hole by James Whitcomb Riley (1849 - 1916)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Victoria - After The Fire

Fall after the bush fire
The trembling of the earth.
Memories etch
The stalled step, and
The mute moment
Death turned out during a night of yearning
Except for him the consolation.

From Suburban Memories by Nguyễn Đạt

Six months on from Black Saturday the worst bush fires in Victoria's history, the green shoots of growth are returning. I met a couple out in the Bush walking their dogs... they had lost their house and their neighbours and were busy rebuilding. "It's a natural cycle, mate!" he said "burns from the top so it can regrow from the bottom". This is a tribute to all Victorians who suffered in the fires and continue to come to grips with the changes it brought to their lives.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Homage to an Age of Industry

The artifacts of the Age of Industry are solid things
Big things; of metal, concrete and stone

What of the Information Age?
What will we leave behind for future generations?

The artifacts of the Age of Information are ephemeral things
Little things; of bits and bytes and nanotech

Will they last the test of time?
Will Cyberspace outlast the Engineering of our past?

Tom Raven - 04.08.2009 - Sydney

Sculpture: Australian Angel - Bernard Luginbuhl, Switzerland (1929 -)
Background: The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Farewell Aotearoa: On a Wing and a Prayer

In a far country, and a distant age,
Ere sprites and fays had bade farewell to earth,
A boy was born of humble parentage;
The stars that shone upon his lonely birth
Did seem to promise sovereignty and fame—
Yet no tradition hath preserved his name.
For oft, when he believed himself alone,
They caught brief snatches of mysterious rhymes,
Which he would murmur in an undertone,
Like a pleased bee’s in summer; and at times
A strange far look would come into his eyes,
As if he saw a vision in the skies.

Two excerpts from A Vision of Poesy by Henry Timrod (1828 - 1867)

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