Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Broadband Dreaming

Broadband Dreaming, originally uploaded by TomRaven.

Is New Zealand destined to be but a sleepy backwater on the global information highway?

After 6 years here I'm just about fed up with the dire straits of the internet connectivity and the price of it here in this third world country that masquerades as a first world country. It's just soooo slooow and sooo expensive!! On top of that the Telecom NZ monopoly keeps having major outages of its new 3G GSM mobile network XT and its broadband (sic) offerings are laughable. I don't think it would be considered 'Broadband' Internet anywhere else but here and we pay dearly for speeds that are often not much faster than dial-up... and we have to pay per Mb/Gb... with data caps!!.

Sorry to harp on but I'm just fed up with the awful internet infrastructure here. I have been personally involved in trying to get it improved and get the government to invest directly and also create incentives for the telcos to invest in modern telecommunications/internet infrastructure... but it just gets worse, especially with increased usage of aging and creaking systems. There is hope and Fibre To The Door is coming... hopefully it won't take another 10 years to get it here.

So come on New Zealand get you act together or be forever relegated to a sleepy backwater on our greenblue planet, a nature tourism theme park you only come to when you want to be cut off totally from the rest of the planet!

...Thats my bitch and moan for today, forgive me :-))

ps: My photos travel to you over the telephone wires in this picture...

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