Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nature Is A Mirror Of The Soul

Nature Is A Mirror Of The Soul, originally uploaded by TomRaven.

A crisp clear and very still evening, this evening. The water of the Waitohu stream as it reaches the sea where a still and perfect mirror... a mirror of the soul!

That there is another, mirror world, a world of light, and that this world is simply the sky—and a step further, the breath of the sky, the weather, the very air—is a formative belief of great antiquity that has continued to the present day with the godhead becoming brightness itself: dios/theos (Greek); deus/divine/diana (Latin); devas (Sanskrit); daha (Arabic); day (English).

From the book Wolves and Honey by Susan Brind Morrow (2009)

Best Viewed Large On Black - See where this picture was taken. [?]

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