Monday, November 30, 2009

The Lightness of Being - Grasses In The Wind I

...nothing while so much is being
felt, his hot lightness of spirit
in being free to walk around
while other are nailed above the earth.

From Bible Study: 71 B.C.E. by Sharon Olds (1942 - )

I have let the grasses in my garden grow again this Spring. My lawns are now a magical meadow of grasses, flowers, bees and birds. Its amazing what joys of nature we miss by mowing our lawns…

So I thought i would post a series on the simple pleasures of watching grasses blowing in the wind. ... Grasses In The Wind Series - #1 ... Second in series is here

Best Viewed Large On Black - The wild meadow of my back garden [?]

All shots are manual focus, high shutter speed shot in RAW with some minor post processing made in Photoshop and/or Picassa. Framing added last, in Photoshop CS3.

• Available high res and unframed at
• Prints, Cards and Posters available at RavenRedBubble

Enjoy!... Bee Happy!

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