Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunrise of the Moon of the Long Nights

The first blog at sunrise on 8th June 2009 with a photo taken high on Paekakariki Hill overlooking Pukerua Bay and the Full Moon setting in the rising sun> Sweet! The perfect way to start a new enterprise... my first daily blog :-)

Thought I would add to my daily Flickr posts with general ramblings and notes about the day. It was a crisp and very cold winter morning. Scrapping the ice off the car windscreen for the first time this year.
Back to work after a well deserved week off ... the first break in almost a year! Got lots of great photos taken over the last week and had a lazy relaxing time in a crisp sunny New Zealand winter.

The Full Long Nights Moon sets at Sunrise over Pukerua Bay, New Zealand June 8th 2009

Night knows not, neither is it shown to day,
By sunlight nor by starlight is it shown,
Nor to the full moon's eye nor footfall known,
Their world's untrodden and unkindled way.
Nor is the breath nor music of it blown
With sounds of winter or with winds of May.

But here, where light and darkness reconciled
Held earth between them as a weanling child
Between the balanced hands of death and birth,
Even as they held the new-born shape of earth
When first life trembled in her limbs and smiled,
Here hope might think to find what hope were worth.

from In the Bay by Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837 - 1909)

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  1. Tom, this is gorgeous, and thank you so much for sharing your moon with me!